Over 400 Golf Courses…One Unique Experience

April 4, 2017

From internationally renowned courses to welcoming local clubs in every corner of the country, Ireland is a golfer’s paradise. We have more than 400 courses on the island including over 30% of the world’s links courses. From green parkland to rugged coastal links and everything in between, there is a course to suit every skill level from beginner to pro and, now more than ever before, every budget.

The choice for golfers is simply staggering. Watching big tournament golf is a wonderful all-round experience in Ireland; but playing it is something else. There are golf courses in Ireland where you’ll walk past five thousand year-old dolmens or the ruins of medieval castles as you walk up the fairway. There are courses where you’ll return to clubhouses that are living breathing stately homes and centuries-old fortifications. There are courses where the sublime coastal views will physically distract you from your shot.

There are hidden gems everywhere wrapped in mythology and legend. And there are courses that challenge the best with built in blind shots that require a healthy portion of Irish luck, sheer brilliance or the assistance of a good caddy to get your ball where it needs to be. The island of Ireland is made for golf. Its green landscapes and rugged coastlines are nothing short of spectacular, but the green fees are modest by international standards. The best courses are still very much open to the public. It’s the Irish way. And golfers have to take account of one thing uniquely Irish.

A lot of the game in Ireland actually takes place at the nineteenth hole. The locals don’t just serve you a drink and a plate of beautiful food after your round; they want to have the ‘craic’ and hear all about your special shots and the details of your game.


Content provided by Fáilte Ireland